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2021 Rhythmic Natl Prep Group Open Call
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2021 - Virtual
Any Level 10, Elite, National Team member who will be a SR in 2022

Open Call Framework
Overall priorities for a National Prep Senior Group candidate: overall health and strength of the gymnast commensurate with the load of a FIG Senior Group routine and training expectations:
  • Core strength
  • Shoulder strength
  • Toss technique
  • Ability to adapt and react quickly in the Group setting: will be assessed in the handling of two equipment at once
*The strength of the core and shoulders are outlined in the webinar series The Pathway to Maximum Amplitude as well as the Live Trainings, available here:

Skill Assessment and Selection Criteria
The principles of Body Difficulty technique and Apparatus Technique, as well as extension of the body segments, are outlined on the Rhythmic Resources page in the following webinars: The Pathway to Maximum Amplitude (series of webinars), Body Technique, Apparatus Technique and the 2021 Fall Learning Series.

Body Technique and Body Difficulties
  • Square splits in all positions
  • Penche Balance: square shoulders and ribs, position of the leg in split
  • Penche Rotation: trunk position without arching, square shoulders, position of the leg in split
  • Attitude pivot: trunk position without arching, ability to maintain a correct attitude shape through the duration of 360, 720 and more rotations
  • Extension of the body segments (the "lines" of the body segments): the knees, legs, toes, arms work with long extension without "sitting into" the hips (these topics are also covered in the 2021 Fall Learning Series and the Pathway to Maximum Amplitude Series on the Rhythmic Resource Page copied above).
Apparatus Technique: Toss technique is the primary assessment for all 4 apparatus
  • Toss technique:
    • fixed position of the arm and fingers for each variation of throws
    • position of the body in the preparation for and the moment of the toss (use of the full body for power) and extension of the body under the flight
Process of Selection
The members of the selection committee will review the Open Call participation in light of the criteria and expectations listed herein and will determine gymnasts who currently have the requisite combination of core strength, coordination, apparatus technique, and technical extension to develop further in the Group setting. Those gymnasts who are selected by the Selection Committee per established procedures will be offered the chance to train as a National Prep Group for the 2022 season, with training taking place at the North Shore Rhythmic Training Center in Deerfield, IL.

Participants will be contacted within one week of the Group Open Call.

Register through the USA Gymnastics Meet Reservation System (free of charge) by November 28, 2021

Video Submission Deadline:
Dec 1, 2021

Additional Instructions
  • CLICK HERE to view the skills that will be tested for this Group Open Call.
  • On November 29, 2021, all registered coaches will receive an invitation to add videos for their registered gymnasts to the Dropbox folder for review by the selection committee.
  • Coaches must upload videos of their gymnasts performing the required skills by December 1, 2022. Videos may all be in one file or separate files for each skill.
Selection Committee Members
IEC Coach: Natalya Kozitskaya
Group Head Coach: Margarita Mamzina
Athlete Representative: Yelyzaveta Merenzon
Additional members: Voice, no vote:
       IEC Coach: Natalia Klimouk
       Athlete Representative: Rebecca Sereda