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USA Gymnastics Statement Regarding 2007 Pan American Team Selection
posted on 05/05/2006
USA Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee are currently reviewing the selection procedures that will be used to make nominations to the 2007 Pan American Games Team. As these procedures are not finalized nor approved, they are not ready for publication; however, we are announcing that the events below are proposed as pre-qualifiers to the selection events for the 2007 Pan American Games. It is strongly recommended that gymnasts plan and train accordingly.

The dates are listed below by discipline.
  • Rhythmic – 2006 Visa Championships
    August, 2006
  • Men's Artistic – 2007 Winter Cup Challenge
    (dates TBD)
  • Women's Artistic – 2006 Visa Championships &/or 2006 World Championships Team Membership
    August/October, 2006
  • Trampoline – January 1, 2007 (start of point accumulation for proposed procedures)