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Programs Council T&T Representatives election
posted on 12/19/2022

Elections for the USA Gymnastics Programs Council T&T Representative positions are now open, through December 23, 2022. All current T&T professional members are eligible to vote, one vote per member.

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The USA Gymnastics Programs Council shall operate as a liaison between the USA Gymnastics programs and the Board. It shall be a round table of inter-program discussion regarding issues and concerns of membership and operations of each and all programs. The Council shall provide recommendations, consultation, program and membership representation, and research for consideration by the Board. The Council may encourage participation by each program from time to time regarding research and information gathering from membership, and other sources. The purpose of the Council is to:

  • Provide one Board member to represent the interests of and advocation for the needs of USA Gymnastics programs and total membership,
  • Develop and discover best practices that can be applied to all programs and to each program, Present agenda items to the Board pertaining to programs operations, policy, and challenges as representation from membership,
  • Act as a think-tank and problem-solving representation of membership in addressing concerns and issues facing members,
  • Provide approval for USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Selection Procedures,
  • Act as a feedback deposit for concerns from membership.
  • All Council members shall serve a four-year staggered term and may not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms but may serve one additional term, if elected or selected, following one four (4) year term away from the Committee.

Council Members are expected to:

  • Attend all meetings in person or participate by telephone or videoconference in all scheduled Council meetings as possible.
  • Council members must attend in person, or participate by telephone or videoconference in, at least one half (1/2) of all regularly scheduled Council meetings.
  • Participate in discussions leading up to the identification of concerns and recommendations for the Board.
  • Actively seek information from the USA Gymnastics programs leadership and community that would benefit the obtainment of the operational directives.
  • Consult with and advise the Council Board member with concerns and recommendations to be represented at Board meetings.
  • Uphold the brand of USA Gymnastics in a positive manner without sacrificing the acknowledgment of confidential and uncomfortable realities.
  • Seek, as a member of the Council, to find solutions of benefit to the USA Gymnastics programs and communities.
  • Encourage the respect of each program and their cultures and identities as long as the cultures promote safe human development.
  • Share discoveries and insight with the whole Council any suggestions of best practices for program development and safe sport development and application.

The Programs Council charter is available here.