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TOPS Physical Abilities minimum score
posted on 11/15/2022

Any athlete (age 8, 9 & 10) receiving a minimum score of 30.00 in any physical abilities testing is eligible to move on to the skills testing phase of the 2022-2023 TOPS season. The athletes listed below achieved this score.

Next steps
Clubs with eligible athletes should now find and enter into any USA Gymnastics sanctioned event that allows TOPS athletes. A compiled list can be found here, but can also be obtained by reaching out to the respective State chairs. Only judges holding a certified TOPS rating (additional information coming soon!) will be able to officiate the skills testing at these invitationals.

Any questions can be directed to Christy Naik – Women's Development Program Director at or

8-Year Olds
Emme Armstrong, Head Over Heels
Isabella Bostick, NorthStar Gymnastics
Hollis Bridgeman, Kentucky Gymnastics Academy
Hollis Bridgeman, Kentucky Gymnastics Academy
Noelle Brocker, Davitas
Mila Burton Cahn, Advantage Gymnastics Academy
Lila Clary, Next Level Gymnastics Academy
Carlie Colley, United Elite Gymnastics N Cheer
Madison Dollinger, Metropolitan Gymnastics
Olivia Jamros, All American Gymnastics Academy
Tiffany Parenti, Pride Gymnastics Academy
Harlee Ramos, United Elite Gymnastics N Cheer
Sadie Schimmelmann, Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc.
Scout Sexton, IGN
McKenna Slattery, Cascade Elite West
Jurnee Smith, International Gymnastics Training Center
Tenley Stahlecker, Omaha Gymnastics Academy
Breez Tillitz, Lake Murray Gymnastics

9-Year Olds
Sienna Batton, Next Level Gymnastics Academy
Reyse Braddock, Denton Gymnastics Academy
Ellington Collins, World Class Gymnastics
Riley Cook, Lake Murray Gymnastics
Sydney Crawford, Omaha Gymnastics Academy
Laura Doherty, Excalibur Gymnastics
Laney Elliott, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Carlin Gibson, Pride Gymnastics Academy
Emerie Granda, Pearland Elite
Callie Hairston, Pearland Elite
Makenna Harvey, Love Gymnastics
Blair Holloman, Agility Gymnastics  Academy
Talyah Horsey, Dream Chasers Gymnastics
Alexandra Hudson, Agility Gymnastics  Academy
Kaiya Jones-Mayfield, World Class Gymnastics
Kinsley Jo Kruiter, Twin City Twisters
Saylor Ladnier, NorthStar Gymnastics
Gabriella Locklayer, First State Gymnastics
Ivy Malapitan, Metropolitan Gymnastics
Julia McCormick, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Delilah McDaniels, First State Gymnastics
Chloe McDonough, World Class Gymnastics
Ariel McMahon, The Gymnastics Revolution
Lexi Nagaoka, Legacy Gymnastics
Addalie Ogg, Olympia Hills Gymnastics
Elizabeth Paul, Parkettes
Brooke Penn, First State Gymnastics
Kayden Pratt, Pacific West Gymnastics
Angelina Puentes, Victory Elite Gymnastics LLC
London Riggenbach, Gymnastic  World
Miara Rimola, Victory Elite Gymnastics LLC
Claire Rodgers, Pearland Elite
Annaliese Shaver, Empower Gymnastics Academy
Charlotte Sibenaller, Hill's Gymnastics
Mary Sizemore, Rebound Gymnastics West
Justyce Smith, Dream Chasers Gymnastics
Sarah Springer, Hill's Gymnastics
Molly Sudbeck, Omaha Gymnastics Academy
Ella Sweeney, Agility Gymnastics  Academy
Annelise Torian, Bull City Gymnastics
Harper Usseglio, Coast Elite Gymnastics Academy
Audrey VanGrinsven, Twin City Twisters
Leighton Warren, Head Over Heels Gymnastics Alabama Starz
Millie Wheeler, Hill's Gymnastics
Layla Wiatrek, World Class Gymnastics
Millie Wright, All American Gymnastics Academy
Karlie Rose Zeller, Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc.

10-Year Olds
Tabitha Anderson, Premier Gymnastics
Jaelya Appleton, Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc.
Adelyn Beale, Pearland Elite
Casey Bethune, Pearland Elite
Luna Bird, Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc.
Gwendolyn Bisson, Capital City Flips
Evynne Bleiler, Parkettes National Gymnastics Center
Norah Brindisi, Axis Gymnastics & Sports Academy
Halle Bugeaud, Cascade Elite Gymnastics
Cameron Chavis, Gymnastics Academy of Charleston
Ai Clancy, Gotham Gymnastics LLC
Kyla Clay, Omaha Gymnastics Academy
Hannah Darling, Advantage Gymnastics Academy
Emma Davis, WGV Gymnastics
Danica Dorflinger, Airborne Gymnastics Training Center
Arabella Fernandez, WGV Gymnastics
Colette Freise, NorthStar Gymnastics
Breeze Frewin, Magic City Gymnastics
Helene Gorsh, IGN
Avery Haines, First State Gymnastics
Sadie Hartz, Elite Sports Academy
Piper Hathaway, Excalibur Gymnastics
Mary Hemphill, Head Over Heels Gymnastics Alabama Starz
Paola Herrera, Pride Gymnastics Academy
Amara Hunter, Sokol Elite Gymnastics
Kaiya Ichimura, Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc.
Mimi Jahjah, Capital City Flips
Maleah Rose Jeter, Impact Athletic Training Center
Raelyn Jones, Buckeye Gymnastics
Hadassah Kahlig, J and R
Maya Kasten, International Gymnastics Training Center
Khaimukvalentine Kelley, Gold Medal Gymnastics Huntington
Ayla Kennedy-Reynolds, Buckeye Gymnastics
Kyndall Keys, NorthStar Gymnastics
Jadyn King, Prattville YMCA
Revyn King, Axis Gymnastics & Sports Academy
Clara Lapsa, Metropolitan Gymnastics
Ella LeBlanc, Empower Gymnastics Academy
Ella Loewens, Omaha Gymnastics Academy
Kaia Lokasari, IGN
Lila Longeway, United Elite Gymnastics N Cheer
Mariah Lorick, Impact Athletic Training Center
Kyndal Ludlow, United Elite Gymnastics N Cheer
Brynn Lynch, Gymnastics Unlimited-Orchard Park
Sophia Maddaloni, Parkettes National Gymnastics Center
Karis Marcellus, Empower Gymnastics Academy
McKinley Martin, Denton Gymnastics Academy
Claire Marzen, Hill's Gymnastics
Claire Meadors, All American Gymnastics Academy
Victoria Murray, Capital City Flips
Kinsley Myers, Capital Gymnastics National Training Center
Kennedy Parise, Pearland Elite
Kourtland Payne, Capital Gymnastics National Training Center
Jaida Pendergrass, International Gymnastics Training Center
Marion Pretulak, Easley Gymnastics Training Center
Grace Price, Next Level Gymnastics Academy
Cecilia Qu, Love Gymnastics
Olivia Ransom, E.T.C Gymnastics
Serena Riechmann, Pride of Illinois
Sloane Robinson, All American Gymnastics Academy
Roslyn Robles, Empower Gymnastics Academy
Ava Rosell, Lake Murray Gymnastics
Mia Rushwald, Metropolitan Gymnastics
Mckenzie Schneider Russo-Russell, Excalibur Gymnastics
Izumi Sakamoto, Head Over Heels
Mila Salmo, Capital City Flips
Ariah Sanchez, Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc.
Victoria Santos, Boundless Gymnastics
Sydney Santos, Hill's Gymnastics
Janie Schaffer, Gotham
Rosie Shepherd, Rebound Gymnastics Inc.
Mimi Silver, Bull City Gymnastics
Rhyne Solnick, Next Level Gymnastics Academy
Jaclynn Spilker, Pride of Illinois
Piper Springer, Pearland Elite
Nina Stamper, Metropolitan Gymnastics
Hanna Sundby, Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc.
Victoria Sutcliffe, Boundless Gymnastics
Khloe Tam, Airborne Gymnastics Training Center
Jordyn VanSlyke, Gold Medal Gymnastics Huntington Olivia Vigo, Parkettes
Annika Warkar, All American Gymnastics Academy
Pebblin Williams, Cypress Academy of Gymnastics
Isabella Williams, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Allison Wu, Gym X-Treme
Julia Wyatt, World Class Gymnastics
Juliette Zuverza, Pacific West Gymnastics