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Level 7-8 Equipment Change for 2009
posted on 03/13/2009


9. Equipment / Apparatus for Levels 7-8

    B. Acceptable Apparatus for the 2008-2009 season
    • Group Jump Vault -

      Vault apparatus:
      Standard, USA vaulting table that adjusts to at least 135 cm. The height of the table must be adjusted prior to the start of the round and may not be changed once the round begins.

      Rebound Device:
      Euro-style mini-trampoline or other unaltered, manufactured traditional mini-trampoline with safety pads covering the coil-springs* and non-skid pads on the feet.- Mini-tramp with bungee cords is not permitted.
      March 13, 2009: For the 2008-09 season, it is permissible for the athletes to use an unaltered, manufactured vaulting board meeting all FIG specifications.

      Landing and runway areas:
      Min. landing area = 8' x 16' (2.5 m x 5 m); USAG/FIG Landing mat thickness: 10-12 cm with 1AA1/4AcaA base mat.
      In addition to the required mats above, AcaAstingAcaA mats and/or skill cushions may also be provided.
      Minimum runway length = 32' (10 m); Recommended = 60' (18 m)