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Updated USAG T&T Rules to Follow FIG Changes
posted on 10/25/2021

The FIG Technical Committee has made some additional rule changes to the FIG Code of Points that will be followed for both USAG Development and Elite levels, effective immediately.

  1. The penalties for landing in certain zones have changed to reflect having just 2 E-judges scores:
    1. DOUBLE MINI landing zone penalties taken off the total score:
      1. DMT landing in Zone B -0.6
      2. DMT landing in Zone C -1.0
      3. DMT Changing zones to a worse zone: -0.2 (once per routine)
    2. Tumbling landing zone penalties taken off the total score:
      1. TUMBLING landing outside the outer lines of the track or landing zone on the last element: -1.0
      2. TUMBLING after landing in the landing zone, leaving the landing zone -0.2

  2. TRAMPOLINE added a new interruption statement: Lands on any part of the body except feet, seat, front or back.
  3. ALL EVENTS: Instability: Turning to the judges before being totally stabilized -0.3 (even trampoline)
  4. ALL EVENTS: Add back the twisting past horizontal deduction -0.1 (see diagram below)

New Diagram:

All current judges should already have received this information directly.

The Development Code of Points and the Errata have both been updated and are available here.