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Judges Courses and Judges Council
posted on 04/27/2021

New Quad Judges Courses
Each new Olympic quad cycle, all judges must retest to maintain a rating. Judges may choose to retest at their current rating or test at the next level. The new category 3 and 2 judging courses will be offered beginning in October 2021 and run through March 2022. All current category 3 and 2 judges must take one of these courses and pass them to continue judging after September 2021. The category 1 judging courses will be postponed until after the international rules are finalized and will be announced later. Since the new category 1 exams will not be given at national events in the summer of 2021, current category 1 judges will be required to audit a category 2 judges course lecture presentation in fall/winter 2021 to maintain their rating until the new category 1 exams are given.

Judges Council Applications
The Technical Committee will begin accepting applications for Judges Council positions on May 1. All completed applications must be received no later than May 29, 2021. Information and eligibility requirements can be found here.

Current Junior Council members should submit a separate list of activities and projects they took part in during their term. Please submit via email to the Technical Committee: