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Acrobatic Gymnastics COVID Rule Changes - Feb. 2021
posted on 02/08/2021

The purpose of this document is to put all the rule changes due to Covid in one place. These rules are valid only for the 2021 season.

  • National Championship Qualification Process
    • There are no qualifying scores required.
    • You must participate at either States or Regionals to attend Nationals.
    • You may move up/down levels at any time.
    • No local meet participation is required.
  • Partnership Restrictions – National Championships
    • Athletes may compete in a pair and a trio. Level restrictions do not apply.
    • Athletes who need to compete in multiple trios or multiple pairs may request to do so via petition to the National Program Committee.
    • Athletes who need to compete on the JO and International Track my request to do so via petition to the National Program Committee.
  • Virtual Meets
    • Size deductions will not be applied.
    • Out of bounds will not be applied.
    • No appeals are permitted.
  • Leotard Penalties
    • No leotard penalties should be applied in terms of the following:
      • Partial skirts (ok in the USA but not internationally)
      • Skirts that are too short
  • Skills Only Competition
    • This has been added as an option to accommodate for less training time or lack of ability to put together routines.
    • Execution and difficulty score given for the group of skills that would make up a routine.
Sarah Thomas
Program Committee Chair
USA Gymnastics, Acrobatics Program