USA Gymnastics, NCSI offer employee background screening to gymnastics clubs nationwide
posted on 12/17/2008

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Dec. 17, 2008 - One year after USA Gymnastics made background screening mandatory for its professional members, USA Gymnastics and its partner National Center for Safety Initiatives are offering employee background screening to gymnastics clubs across the nation. USA Gymnastics initiated a required background screening program for its professional members, using NCSI's services, as a further step in providing a safe and secure environment for its participants and members.

"USA Gymnastics is proud to partner with NCSI to offer gymnastics clubs an affordable way to background check their employees," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "The program now available to clubs is the same one used by USA Gymnastics for its professional members and we see it as an important part of providing a safe environment for gymnasts."

USA Gymnastics began mandatory background checks for all professional members, as well as staff and Board members, in December 2007. The NCSI background check screens for previous criminal behavior which may be inappropriate for contact with children and includes criminal background, sex offender registry and identity verification.

NCSI is a full service screening organization that works in accordance with the Recommended Guidelines© established by the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS). NCSI operates as an independent company, formed in partnership with NCYS. NCSI focuses its efforts, systems and expertise into seven identified risk factors to ensure client organizations are meeting and exceeding due diligence. All criminal background checks go through NCSI's Check-it-Twice® system, which deploys multi-provider sourcing in the data collection process.

In addition to conducting the background search, NCSI is responsible for interpreting the results, issuing the red light/green light determination and handling communications with the applicants and USA Gymnastics to ensure accuracy and confidentiality in the process. The green light indicates an individual has passed the background search. A red light indicates an individual does not meet the criteria as suitable for participation. NCSI is also responsible for complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and collecting and maintaining the privacy of the applicant information obtained in the background search process.

USA Gymnastics has made this background screening available to member clubs at discounted pricing.

"USA Gymnastics has shown their dedication to the children of our country and their member clubs through the implementation of required background screening for their professional members and this expanded club-level offering," said Trish McGonnell, president of NCSI. "While the issue of harm to children is a concern in any environment, the negotiations and efforts of USA Gymnastics demonstrate its strong commitment to safety. Club administrators who respond to this offering are taking a great step to better protect their young athletes and also their own organization. We are very proud of our relationship with USA Gymnastics and every one of their member organizations that is participating in this important safety initiative."

Background checks are becoming commonplace with many youth organizations and institutions and are endorsed by the U.S. Olympic Committee. The USOC is using NCSI to conduct background searches on the official Games delegation staff for the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and Parapan American Games.

About NCSI
National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) is the country's leading resource for background screening services for non-profit and youth-serving organizations. NCSI was created in partnership with the National Council of Youth Sports with the mission of eradicating harm and protecting organizations from loss. NCSI is 100% focused on helping organizations who serve non-profits, youth and vulnerable populations and is the choice of many of the most renowned and reputable sports organizations in the world. NCSI's comprehensive background screening programs have saved thousands of people from harm and millions of dollars in losses to organizations. NCSI is based in Cleveland, Ohio.