USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Program is calling for nominations for the Program Council
posted on 11/10/2019

The Programs Council provides feedback from the five competitive disciplines to the Board of Directors. The Board make-up now has a majority of independent directors: eight independent directors; three athlete directors (one each for the disciplines with the highest and second highest athlete memberships; one representing the remaining disciplines, combined); three national membership directors (one each for the programs with the highest and second highest professional memberships; one representing the remaining programs, combined); and one Advisory Council director.

The Council will provide a forum for its representatives to provide input, perspective and guidance on a variety of topics relevant to five programs, including operations, strategic planning, and developing best practices and uniform criteria and guidelines for program administration. The Programs Council will have two representatives from each of the competitive disciplines, and from this group of representatives, the national membership directors for the Board will be chosen. An independent director, appointed by the Board chair, will also be a member (non-voting) of the Program Council. Below is a brief snapshot of the Programs Council’s composition and purpose, election, selection, criteria and timelines. Individuals serving as National Membership Directors on the Interim Board of Directors are eligible to serve on the Programs Council and new Board of Directors.

Programs Council and national membership director selection summary, composition and purpose.

  • Purpose. The Programs Council provides a forum for its representatives to consider and offer perspectives on matters relating to (i) relevant operations and strategic development of USA Gymnastics, and (ii) the development of best practices and uniform criteria and guidelines for program administration that can be adopted by the National Program Committees.
  • Make-up. The Programs Council has 11 members: one Independent director from the Board (non-voting); and two representatives from each competitive program’s professional membership (women’s, men’s, rhythmic, acrobatic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling).
  • Status. Special Committee of USA Gymnastics authorized under its Bylaws.
  • National membership directors. Representatives on the Programs Council are eligible for election as national membership directors on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors.
  • Priority. The first priority of the newly formed Programs Council is to establish the Council’s governing documents and operating procedures. Programs Council elections
  • Criteria. Two types of criteria are in place to govern the nomination process.
    • General criteria
      • Be a current professional member of the respective discipline
      • Meet the criteria, expectations and time commitment outlined in USA Gymnastics Board Member Specifications and Qualifications for Service (Article 2.4 of USA Gymnastics Bylaws)
      • Must share USA Gymnastics’ commitment to athlete safety and well-being
      • Have no previous service on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors, with the exception that 2018 Interim Board members are eligible
    • Discipline-specific criteria.
      • Representative #1 – The representative must serve on a Standing committee or as a chair within the last four years. The following committee members/chairs are eligible:
        • RPC
        • JOTC
        • IEC
        • RNAC
        • XCEL
        • Regional Chair
        • State Chair
      • This representative must be an active coach or club owner with a deep knowledge of the rhythmic program. Eligibility requirements:
        1. A registered coach of a level 7-10/Elite gymnast at the USA Gymnastics Championships
        2. A rhythmic club owner for the last 4 years
      • If no eligible candidates are nominated, the Rhythmic Program Committee may nominate a candidate with demonstrated ability and suitability for the position.

Call for nominations. This open call for nominations will close on November 15th.

  • Eligibility to nominate: Any current Rhythmic professional member is eligible to submit a nomination, and individuals may self-nominate.
  • Nomination submission: Nominations must be submitted on this form by November 15th and include the following:
    • Name of Nominee/professional membership number
    • Discipline
    • Confirmation the nominee is willing to serve
    • Include nominee’s resume or CV
    • Name/professional membership number for nominating member

After the nomination period is closed, the slate of nominees will be submitted to the USA Gymnastics Nominating and Governance Committee (NGC). Following a vetting process, the NGC will determine a final slate of candidates to stand for election to the Programs Council. Rhythmic professional members will be eligible to vote consistent with the criteria and guidelines established by the Rhythmic Program Committee.

The independent director member of the Programs Council is appointed by the Chair of the Board of Directors. National membership directors selection Following the conclusion of the Programs Council elections, the three national membership directors will be determined.

The respective National Program Committees for the two programs that have the highest membership counts (currently women and men) will, based on the positions available, determine which of their two Programs Council representatives will be named as a national membership director on the Board.

For the remaining three programs (currently rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling and), the respective National Program Committees must nominate one of their two Programs Council representatives to run for election as the combined national membership director on the Board. The six members of the Programs Council who represent the three combined programs will vote to elect the combined national membership director from among the three nominees.

Election timeline: Programs Council Rhythmic representatives

  • November 8th – 15th: Call for nominations for Programs Council representatives
  • November 16th – 22nd: Vetting of nominees
  • November 23rd - 29th: Election of Programs Council by national membership, consistent with the criteria and guidelines established by the respective National Program Committee
  • November 30th: Programs Council members announced & Committee representative term begins
  • January 1st, 2020: Newly elected Coach Representative term of office begins