USA Gymnastics names Banowsky as acrobatic gymnastics’ high-performance administrator
posted on 01/28/2019

I am pleased to announce that Jennifer Banowsky of San Antonio, Texas, will serve as the new high-performance administrator for acrobatic gymnastics. In this position, she will work closely with the national coaching staff in a number of areas.

As the administrator, Jennifer will be responsible for tracking and supporting national team athletes, overseeing communication between the national coaching staff and coaches, and organizing and facilitating national coaching staff duties. Jennifer will also communicate national team and coaching staff feedback to the acrobatic gymnastics leadership.

Jennifer served as an acrobatic gymnastics’ Regional Committee member for five terms, Region 3 Technical Committee chairman for six years, and Region 3 judge’s coordinator for four years. In addition, she coached and operated a club for 11 years and has been a judge for 13 years. Jennifer is well known within the acrobatic community for her passion for inspiring and developing confidence and courage within athletes that she has coached.

Jennifer is taking the position over from Carisa Laughon, who previously served in this role. The acrobatic gymnastics leadership extends its appreciation and thanks to Carisa for all of her efforts, determination and support she invested in acrobatic gymnastics during her tenure.

Youri Vorobiev and Valdimir Vladev are continuing to serve on the national coaching staff, positions they have held since 2016.

We welcome Jennifer to the high-performance team, and we look forward to a successful 2019.

Ryan Ward
Director of Acrobatic Gymnastics