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GymFest at FlipFest Update from Paula Lord
posted on 02/14/2008
Hello Gymnastics for All Friends!

Event: GymFest at FlipFest
When: May 23-26, 2008
Where: FlipFest Camp, Crossville, Tenn.

I am so excited by the diverse groups planning to attend the GymFest at FlipFest this spring. We have TeamGym, Festival Rhythmic, Aesthetic groups and GymFest squads all making plans to join us for this unique competition/training camp. This event will truly showcase "Gymnastics for ALL". Here is a short list of teams planning to attend:

  • Virginia Techniques - GymFest
  • Razz-ma-Tazz - Festival Rhythmic
  • Carolina Rhythmic Waves - Aesthetic Group, Festival Rhythmic
  • Foothills Gymnastics & Cheer - GymFest
  • SkyView GymDancers - GymFest
  • DeVeau's School of Gymnastics - TeamGym, GymFest
  • Disabilities Team, Great Britain - TeamGym, GymFest
  • Chattooga Gymnastics - TeamGym, Aesthetic, Festival Rhythmic, GymFest
Because of the diversity of groups, scheduling will take some creative thinking which I am more than happy to do. BUT, I need the best information you can give me to make this happen.
PLEASE send your COMPLETED registration forms with payment by the MARCH 1 DEADLINE.

 We must have a copy of your fee calculator, complete with USAG membership numbers, AND the registration forms (TEAM form and ROSTERS). Lodging will not be assigned without payment and the completed bed assignment form (included in the fee calculator document). I know this is a lot of paperwork, but it is necessary for us to properly organize the event.

Foreign teams are REQUIRED to secure foreign memberships in order to participate.
This is a required insurance/membership fee. Payment is required in US dollars. Forms can be scanned and emailed or faxed directly to 317-237-5069. A copy of the forms must also be included with your registration packet. Foreign teams without membership as of May 1, 2008 will be excluded from the event. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.
Many of you are newcomers to the GG program and many of you are seasoned veterans. Our aim is to share knowledge and experience and welcome new friends to the awesome world of GG. Let your parents and athletes know that this will be no ordinary event...but we will work to make it one of the most memorable. You can also help by encouraging other groups to attend. The more the merrier!
Feel free to contact us with any specific questions. We will do our best to answer you in a prompt manner.
Paula Lord & Lori Laznovsky
GymRoots, Inc.