Men's Qualifier begins Saturday
posted on 07/11/2013

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INDIANAPOLIS, July 11, 2013 – 2012 Olympians Danell Leyva of Miami/Universal Gymnastics, who won the bronze medal in the all-around at the Olympic Games in London, and John Orozco of the Bronx, N.Y./U.S. Olympic Training Center, lead the field expected to compete at the 2013 Men's National Qualifier, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, July 13-14, at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. The competition will be the first for Orozco since the Olympic Games.

Senior U.S. national team member Sean Melton of Orlando, Fla./U.S. Olympic Training Center, is also in the field.

The event schedule is as follows (all times Mountain).

    July 13
    • 12:30 p.m. – Junior and senior optional competition, Session I
    • 6 p.m. – Junior and senior optional competition, Session II
    July 14
    • 11 a.m. – Junior technical sequences

A minimum of 14 athletes will qualify from the competition to the P&G Gymnastics Championships, scheduled for Aug. 15-18 in Hartford, Conn., in the senior division based on the National Points Ranking System. For the junior division, the top six age-eligible athletes from the Men's National Qualifier using the combined all-around results from the 15-16 and 17-18 divisions will advance.

2013 Men's National Qualifier

Daniel Steiner, Ohio State University/Mesa, Ariz.

Donothan Bailey, University of California – Berkeley/Lake Forest, Calif.
Cameron Bock, SCATS Gymnastics/Tustin, Calif.
William Clement, University of Oklahoma/San Jose, Calif.
Joshua Dixon, U.S.O.T.C./San Jose, Calif.
Tyler Evans, California Sports Center/Los Gatos, Calif.
Caleb Faulk, Champion Gymnastics & Cheer/Escondido, Calif.
Cutter Fugett, Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics/Boulder, Calif.
Alex Gaudaur, Sun Devil Gymnastic Club/Clovis, Calif.
Steven Lacombe, University of California – Berkeley/Mission Viejo, Calif.
Jeffrey Langenstein, University of California – Berkeley/San Carlos, Calif.
Kanji Oyama, University of Oklahoma/Huntington Beach, Calif.
Mark Ringle, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln/San Ramon, Calif.
Chris Turner, Stanford/Fremont, Calif.
Jonah Urlaub, SCATS Gymnastics/Fountain Valley, Calif.
Daniel Williams, SCATS Gymnastics/Long Beach, Calif.

Drew Burton, Colorado Training Center/Elizabeth, Colo.
Jamie Corona, Dardano's School of Gymnastics/Aurora, Colo.
Yul Moldauer, 5280 Gymnastics/Arvada, Colo.

Ian Makwske, University of Michigan/Redding, Conn.

Wyatt Aycock, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln/Orlando, Fla.
Aristo Barrera, Universal Gymnastics/Miami, Fla.
Matthew Frey, University Of Minnesota/Bradenton, Fla.
Marcos Gatinho, Universal Gymnastics/Miami, Fla.
Danell Leyva, Universal Gymnastics/Miami, Fla.
Sean Melton, U.S.O.T.C./Orlando, Fla.
Tyler Schaal, Universal Gymnastics/Boca Raton, Fla.

Joshua Yee, University of Oklahoma/Mililani, Hawaii

Lance Alberhasky, University Of Iowa/Iowa City, Iowa
Paul Hichwa, Stanford/Iowa City, Iowa

Bobby Baker, Aerial Gymnastics Club/Lemont, Ill.
Danny Berardini, University of Oklahoma Men's Program/Lake Forest, Ill.
Jack Boyle, University Of Iowa/Naperville, Ill.
Jordan DeClerk, Aerial Gymnastics Club/Bloomingdale, Ill.
Alex Diab, Premier Gymnastics Academy/Glen Ellyn, Ill.
Jason Gaides, University Of Illinois at Chicago/Chicago, Ill.
Michael Graft, Aerial Gymnastics Club/L. Barrington, Ill.
Craig Hernandez, Penn State University/Libertyville, Ill.
Austin Hodges, Buffalo Grove Gymnastics Center/Lincolnshire, Ill.
Sean Johnston, St. Charles Gymnastics Academy/Elburn, Ill.
Ryan Johnston, St. Charles Gymnastics Academy/Elburn, Ill.
Matthew Loochtan, University Of Iowa/Hawthorn Woods, Ill.
Joshua Martin, Aerial Gymnastics Club/Buffalo Grove, Ill.
Justin Maxwell, Aerial Gymnastics Club/Chicago, Ill.
Andrew McCabe, Aerial Gymnastics Club/Oak Park, Ill.
Matthew McGrath, University Of Iowa/Wheaton, Ill.
Luke Stannard, University of Illinois/Waukegan, Ill.
Michael Strathern, University of Michigan/Bartlett, Ill.
Jeffrey Treleaven, Ohio State University/Glen Ellyn, Ill.

Anton Stephenson, DeVeau's School of Gymnastics/Fishers, Ind.

Kevin Baker, Stanford Boys Gymnastics/Union, Ky.

Robert Courter, William and Mary/Baton Rouge, La.

Jonathan Deaton, Stanford/Longmeadow, Mass.
Matthew Felleman, Penn State University/Medway, Mass.

Donnell Whittenburg, U.S.O.T.C./Baltimore, Md.
Kyle Zemeir, University of California – Berkeley/Ellicott City, Md.

Stacey Ervin, University of Michigan/Taylor, Mich.
Louis Klein, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln/Utica, Mich.
Daniel Zerbel, University Of Illinois at Chicago/Portage, Mich.

Ryan Wangler, Classic Gymnastics/Savage, Minn.

Ethan Lottman, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln/Omaha, Neb.

New Jersey
Mackenzie Dow, Penn State University/Cranford, N.J.
Tristan Duran, US Gymnastics Develomentp Center II/Franklin Lakes, N.J.
John Jeffries, Temple University/Williamstown, N.J.
Alexander Nork, Ohio State University/Mt. Laurel, N.J.

Emyre Cole, Go For It USA/North Las Vegas, Nev.

New York
Brian Knott, Stanford/New York, N.Y.
John Orozco, U.S.O.T.C./Bronx, N.Y.
Anthony Stefanelli, Long Island Gym Nest/Holbrook, N.Y.

Noah Beeman, Queen City Gymnastics/Dayton, Ohio
Trevor Howard, Penn State University/Columbus, Ohio
Alex Johnson ,Ohio State University/Marysville, Ohio
Drew Moling, Ohio State University/Canal Winchester, Ohio
Andrew Rickly, Hocking Valley Gymnastics Center/Lewis Center, Ohio

Jeffrey Becker, Cypress Academy of Gymnastics/Broken Arrow, Okla.

Adam Al-Rokh, Athletes At Large/Bensalem, Pa.
Sean Senters, Stanford/Center Valley, Pa.

South Carolina
Joel Kovacs, Unaffiliated/Rock Hill, S.C.

Allan Malone, Temple University/Cookeville, Tenn.

Jacob Barrus, Ridgewood Gymnastics Club/Dallas, Texas
Logan Doughty, Texas Champion Gymnastics/Carthage, Texas
Austin Epperson, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln/Allen, Texas
Davis Grooms, Champions Gymnastics/Katy, Texas
Daniel Potemski, William and Mary/Roundrock, Texas
Deryan Pressley, Texas Champion Gymnastics/Garland, Texas
Eric Schryver, University Of Nebraska-Lincoln/Richardson, Texas
Ryan Sheppard, WOGA Gymnastics/Murphy, Texas

Dylan Ellsworth, USA Gymnastics World/Farmington, Utah

Steven Jaciuk, University Of Minnesota/New Berlin, Wis.
Alexander Tighe, Temple University/Brookfield, Wis.

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