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Officially formed in 2018, GymACT is a division of collegiate gymnastics teams that are unaffiliated with the NCAA and not funded by schools, yet strive to compete at the same level as the NCAA programs. GymACT competes under NCAA rules but it is open to all student athletes without needing to abide by the NCAA eligibility standards. GymACT is eligible to all college age students and does not include an eligibility "clock", which limits the number of years an athlete can compete. GymACT athletes may compete for 5 years and then file petition waivers to continue competing as long as they are still working towards a degree.All teams compete in a single division throughout the regular season. Athletes compete against other GymACT teams and occasionally NCAA teams using the same competition rules and format as NCAA.

What to expect from this pathway
While a small number of programs have their own facilities, most train in Private Club Facilities. GymACT sponsored men's gymnastics programs are funded through private donations usually from within the gymnastics community. In addition, teams participate in various fundraisers to support their annual budgets. GymACT programs have annual budgets ranging from $10,000-$300,000. Each school has 1-3 coaches and roster sizes can vary from as few as 5 athletes to as many as 50. Student athletes generally train 10-20 hours a week but are not limited to any number. The GymACT division currently has approximately 180 athletes across the country and recruits approximately 50 athletes each year. Skill levels can range from beginners up to National Team caliber athletes, however all athletes will be scored at the difficulty of NCAA. A limited number of GymACT schools provide team issued gear and uniforms, chalk, grips, wrist guards, travel, food and lodging during team competitions while most have to cover some or all of these expenses themselves. GymACT programs have limited access to designated trainers or doctors. While there are a very limited number of athletic scholarships, GymACT programs may be at schools with access to academic scholarships.

Competitive Opportunities
GymACT programs compete for conference championships, GymACT Team Nationals, as well as a GymACT Individual Event Championships. These competitions include GymACT National Championship and GymACT All America awards.

Where to go next?
There are 14 sponsored GymACT programs including: Arizona State, Georgia United, Iowa, KC United, Minnesota, Nor Cal, Northern Illinois United, NY Alliance, Rocky Mountain Pride, SC United, Temple, Texas Armadillos, UIC, and Washington.
If you are looking to join a GymACT program or just want more information, visit: You can find email addresses for coaches from each team.

GymACT competitors can also compete in NAIGC, either in the same season or once their collegiate eligibility is complete.