Member Club Registration Requirements
Only member clubs may enter an athlete into USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events and/or host sanctioned events. As a reminder, all member clubs are required have the following in place prior to applying for a member club membership.
  • An owner/managing director, who is the individual responsible and accountable for the facility and holds the role of enforcing all USA Gymnastics policies, MUST obtain a professional membership and complete all professional membership requirements prior to registering or renewing a member club membership.
  • All Member Clubs are required to maintain liability insurance on their gymnastics facility. Member Clubs must provide the name of insurance liability carrier and policy number.
  • Member clubs agree to strictly adhere to USA Gymnastics’ policy of not hiring or being associated in any way with persons who are permanently ineligible for membership in USA Gymnastics, a list is available at, or any person who is listed on a federal or state sex offender registry, a search for which may be conducted at
  • All member clubs must have a safe sport policy for their facility that is consistent with the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy and affirms the club’s commitment to the welfare of gymnastics participants in its organization.
  • The policy must include, at minimum: a description of conduct that will not be tolerated; standards of behavior for staff/volunteers that promote athlete safety, including elimination of privacy, boundaries, if physical contact is a necessary part of the activity and encouraging parental monitoring; proactive polices to eliminate the opportunity for grooming behaviors; and must have a process for receiving and handling complaints regarding conduct that violates club policy.
USA Gymnastics has the right to audit a member club to affirm that membership requirements are being followed. Failure to adhere to member club requirements will result in the loss of member club status and all benefits associated with the membership.