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Y302: Junior Olympic Judging Course
Contact Persons: Caroline Hunt/Jayme Vincent
Email: or
Phone: 317.829.5662

The Online Junior Olympic Judging Course is currently available for coaches and judges to audit for their professional development. Future testing opportunities will be offered in conjunction with the start of the next Olympic Cycle.

CPE Opportunity
Currently certified judges may take the online JO Judging Course (full level 3-6 course with some level 7/8 content) one time to earn 5 CPE credits.

For full information regarding CPE requirements, please see the USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Rules and Policies, Chapter 4: Officials.

Click the button at the right to register. The only online opportunity is the registration that states “online” in the title. You must be logged in in order to register (Username and personal password-which you created).

Course Fees:
  • $25 for Members
  • $40 for Non-Members
The course content is provided in the form of pre-recorded screen recordings that may be watched at your convenience.

Topics include:
  • Generalities
  • Level 3-6 Requirements
  • Leaps
  • Balances
  • Rotations
  • Dance Steps
  • Apparatus Technical Group
  • Apparatus Combinations – Level 6
  • JO Technical Execution
  • JO Group Difficulty
  • JO Group Execution
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